Our Birthplace: Paris, Maine

The Oxford Institute is keen on promoting the amazing history of our Institute’s birthplace, Paris, Maine. Paris was the home of one Vice President of the United States, Hannibal Hamlin, who served with President Abraham Lincoln in his first term. He was an American attorney and politician. In a public service career that spanned over 50 years, he was the first Republican to hold the office of Vice President. Hamlin served from 1861 to 1865. He is considered among the most influential politicians to have come from Maine.


Paris has also been home to four Governors of the State of Maine, Albion ParrisEnoch Lincoln, Hannibal Hamlin and Sidney Perham.

Paris is located on top of a Paleozoic bed of quartz crystallization called Pegmatite, in which many semi-precious gems and rare minerals can be found. BerylGarnetTourmalineAmethyst and Smokey Quartz have been found here.

Originally the township was large enough for two towns. This became a reality in 1957 when West Paris incorporated and held their first town meeting on January 2, 1958. North Paris was included under West Paris while the Town of Paris was comprised of South Paris, the commercial center, and Paris Hill, a residential community.

We recommend the following brief introduction to Paris, Maine: