Our Founder, Ebenezer Hinds


Ebenezer Pierce Hinds was the son of Ebenezer Hinds IV and his 1st wife Louisa V Pierce (dau of Ebenezer Pierce and Charity Hinds). **Note** Ebens parents were cousins, via their common grandparents Ebenezer Hinds II and his wife Charity Canedy.

His mother Louisa died in 1832 and his father remarried to Louisa’s sister Julia Marie Pierce (his aunt).

Eben, the oldest of his father’s 8 children, was educated at Harvard University and graduated in 1844 with a degree in Teaching.

From 1845-1846 he taught at Westbrook, Maine and in 1847 went to Norway, Maine to teach at the Norway Liberal Institue. In 1848 he took charge of the Oxford Normal School in South Paris, Maine, remaining there for a number of years. From about 1851 through 1859 he taught in Barnstable, Massachusetts, Livermore Falls, Maine and finishing his teaching career in South Paris, Maine.

In the Spring of 1859, he turned his attentions to Agriculture and purchased land in Aroostook, Maine, becoming a very successful farmer.

On 21 Aug 1861, turning down a Commission in the US Union Army, he enlisted in the 7th Maine Volunteer Regiment, Engineering Corps during the Civil War. While on assignment on the Virginia Campaign he became extremely ill and was put on a Steamship north to seek medical attention at home.

In August of 1862, somewhere between the Port of Philadelphia, but just before the Massachusetts docks, Ebenezer died. He was found dead in his cabin when the ship docked.

His remains were taken to the newly commissioned Cemetery(1855) in Fall River, Massachusetts for burial. He was buried there and his name appears on a tablet in Memorial Hall in Cambridge, commemorating the Harvard Graduates who laid down their lives during the Civil War.

Ebenezer died unmarried and without heirs.